Press Release

The Union of the Processors of Fruits and Vegetables in Bulgaria ( ), which members are 50 companies producing processed or dried fruits and vegetables, as well as two specialized scientific institutes, is promoting several of its traditional products – Lyutenitsa, Roasted peeled peppers, Peach compote, Rosehip marmalade and Rose jam. These products have been chosen for their traditionally exceptional taste and flavour but also for their best quality, produced under strict quality and safety standards. The products are original and complementary and are enjoyed as a treat and food or condiment that add creative touch to meals, can be eaten as a snack and some as desserts. Lyutenitsa with its hot and mild varieties is a traditional vegetable paste that can be eaten as a snack food or appetiser on crackers or crispy breads; similarly it can be enjoyed as condiment that adds flavour and a creative touch to any meal option; it is readily available for consumption, tasty and nutritional, convenient for consumption and is enjoyed by consumers of all age. Similarly, Roasted peeled peppers can be enjoyed with any meal option and can add a gourmet touch to sandwiches, salads and all sorts of entrees. Rose jam and Rosehip marmalade are traditional products with unique flavours, perfect for consumption on morning toast or a sensational sweet snack and perfect for any consumer age group. The Rose jam especially is made by an old-times recipe from the leaves of the special oil-yielding (oleaginous) rose. Peach compote is a delicious fruit dessert very much enjoyed by people of all ages. The products are packed in glass jars – the only package that perfectly protects its food content, never interferes with its taste or flavour and in addition it is reusable and recyclable. “Open the Seal of Taste” is realized as a programme, co-funded by the European Commission and the Bulgarian Ministry of Agriculture and Food and is aimed at promoting European agricultural production within the EU and is in particular targeted at the internal markets of Germany, Poland and Romania. The Union of the Processors of Fruits and Vegetables is a member alliance with a national representativeness of 61.5% where its members hold 76.4% of the national market and cover all the producing and processing regions of Bulgaria. With its features, the programme “Open the Seal of Taste” directly contributes to achieving the objectives and supports the mission of the Union for promoting and reinforcing its members and their interests. Even more important and in wider aspect, the programme is promoting traditional and of highest quality European agricultural produce, for which the best raw products and materials are used. This is even more so when considering the trend of steady growth of the production of processed fruits and vegetables, together with the ever increasing demand – the dynamics of the contemporary way of life motivates the need and choice for easy to make and consume and at the same time tasty food with best nutritional values, made under highest quality and safety standards.

Recent data for processed fruits and vegetables export proves this trend, where two of the countries, targeted in the programme are heading the list of importers of this Bulgarian production. Germany, Romania and Poland are selected taking into consideration also their cultural specificities, their social and economic structures, as well as their comparable nutritional customs and dietary requirements. Analyses suggest that there is a good potential for trade growth in these countries, together with a beneficial market share distribution. At EU level, the benefits derived from this programme are both for the proposing organisation and for the target countries, all of them EU Member States, within which the funding and benefits are retained. All the actions and events foreseen by the programme are expected to bring direct results: the projection and promotion is expected to increase the demand of these European products and to result in increased trade and growth in the market share within the targeted countries. All the activities promote the demand and consumption of traditional products of Community origin. Consumers in Germany, Romania and Poland will be convinced to consider much better the exceptional products that can provide variety and added value to their diets.

“Open the Seal of Taste” programme is based on a mix of information and promotion activities – informing prospective consumers and promoting the products. These activities include for example distribution of informational brochures and materials, promotion in points of sale, fairs and exhibitions, as well as promotion with electronic media, where the ultimate goal is to increase the potential for growth in consumption of the promoted products in Germany, Romania and Poland.

The programme’s three-year period of implementation has started in November 2011. This duration allows effectively applying continuous activities for achieving steady results both in promoting the products and in building durable relations between the producers, distributors and the consumers. In addition, this duration provides an opportunity for effective monitoring and analysis of the efficiency of activities and of the programme as a whole.